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CMCS has expanded every year and an increasing demand for our services means we can look to cater and improve our infrastructure. CMCS company ethos has always been about recognising where we have come from and giving back to our customers with initiatives such as our breeding programme and coaching sessions, that we ultimately feel will help the community and industry in the long term. We engage with various people from lots of backgrounds working with all types of organisations but by far our favourite is the community led projects on local parks and land. We like to promote and provide fishing for the future, showing people the beauty of nature, with secure and pleasant places to fish and enjoy and we always welcome any information from people across the country regarding potentially suitable projects and sites. We are very happy to look far and wide for lakes that we could restore, and not just to fishing lakes or by drastically changing their character but also to nurture the environment and bring back and restore wildlife to the area.

We can also use our knowledge and skill sets to make viable and profitable revenue streams for people who may not have previously considered the following use for their land - if there is a piece of ground that is not viable to produce crops or feed livestock and you’re looking for an income stream from it, no matter if big or small, have you considered a lake and either growing a few fish to provide restocking fish to the fisheries in the local area or even starting your own fishery? We are very happy to offer consultation on each and can also provide either service.


We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for supporting our ethos and the local community as we appreciate always our humble beginnings.




We are always looking out for:


  1. Old established waters (like estate lakes)

  2. Brand new waters (like gravel pits)

  3. Water Irrigation and farmland lakes

  4. Or any other type of waters, lakes or land for sale/lease


CMCS waters have always been acquired by good leads and secured with sensitive


If you know of anywhere that you feel we should consider, either land or already

established lakes then please get in touch with us, we’re only too happy to hear about

venues big or small that you feel will have potential.



Email or phone the number on the contacts on the website.

Or you can use the contact form on this site.