Aquatic chalk
All water bodies whether fisheries, general recreation or wildlife sanctuaries suffer from an increasing deterioration of water quality. This is caused primarily by the deposition of organic material decaying, rotting on the pond or lake base. This process causes a decrease in oxygen and an increase in acidification.


This organic material takes many forms but is usually made up of deposited leaf from surrounding vegetation. A large deciduous tree will drop the equivalent of a lorry load of leaves every Autumn. If this lorry arrived at the edge of your water and tipped its contents in, I am sure you would envisage some deterioration of water quality. The accumulative effect of having several trees dropping their leaves each Autumn will inevitably cause a problem. The chalk also helps in the breakdown of dead aquatic weeds, particularly after weed treatment.

On a highly stocked fishery, consideration must be given to the development of fish waste as produced by all livestock and uneaten bait. All this organic material will inevitably cause water quality problems after a time.

Ultra-fine granulated chalk starts the process of neutralisation and aeration by penetrating the bottom layers of silt which have built up over the years. This creates a medium where bacterial break down by aerobic micro-organisms can take place. The alkalinity of the chalk can reduce acidity of the material and provide essential calcium for plant and animal organisms. Levels of silt are reduced and more water depth is created.

The chalk is applied to the surface of the water from a boat. It is spread as evenly as possible, at a rate of 1000kg per acre. However, this can be doubled in severe cases of silt build-up

1-3 tonnes £150/tonne
3-6 tonnes £140/tonne
6-9 tonnes £130/tonne
9-12 tonnes £125/tonne
12-15 tonnes £120/tonne
All prices are plus VAT and delivery


Barley straw
When algal problems occur in any water body, barley straw offers an environmentally acceptable and cost-effective form of control. Straw should be applied twice each year, preferably in early spring before
algal growth starts and in autumn. Particularly in static waters, the straw should be loose, through which water can pass easily and should be held in straw sausages.

The minimum effective quantity of barley straw in still or very slow flowing water is about 100 kg per hectare but higher doses of up to 500kg per hectare should be used initially in densely infested and muddy waters. Doses should be reduced to 250kg per hectare then 100 kg per hectare Straw should be supported by floats so that it does not sink to more than one metre below the surface, even when waterlogged. It is very important that straw does not come into contact with the muddy bottom.


500kg- £110
1 tonne- £200
2 tonnes- £390
Ready to use (
pre bagged)
500kg- £150
1 tonne- £290
2 tonnes- £570
All prices are plus VAT and delivery


Bio VX
Bio VX is broad spectrum and effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and all known classes of 
virus. Because of superior dilution rates it is highly cost-effective, works equally well in both hard and soft water and is unaffected by temperature.

General Properties
Bio VX is a pink powder consisting of a 
stabilised blend of peroxygen compounds, surfactants, organic acid sand an inorganic buffer system. Instruction for Use Use Bio VX as a dip for angling and fishery equipment.

Manufacturer’s recommendations are a dilution rate of 1:200 which equates to 0.5kg to 100l of water. Equipment should be fully immersed in the disinfectant and not rinsed in clean water.  If your fishery has had a KHV outbreak you should use the CEFAS recommended rate of 1:100 which equates to 1kg per 100l.


10kg- £80
20kg- £160
30kg- £240
40kg- £320
50kg- £400
All prices are plus VAT and delivery


Hydrated lime
Hydrated Lime or Calcium Hydroxide is used to breakdown organic silt in situ.
The dose rate is 250-300kg per hectare or 125-150kg per acre.
The best time to apply hydrated lime is December through to March.
Hydrated Lime should be evenly applied to the waters’ surface where required.


We would suggest that a maximum of 20% of the water area is treated at any one time.
Hydrated Lime can be harmful to aquatic life. It is ideal for spot treatment of small silty areas within lakes and ponds. Appropriate safety measures should be taken to prevent the inhalation of its dust, those applying it should wear hooded suits, gauntlet gloves, face masks and goggles.


Liming should not be carried out in wet or windy weather.


25kg- £25
250kg- £120
500kg- £200
1 tonne- £330
All prices are plus VAT and delivery


Fish feeders
We supply 2 types of fish feeder a directional and rotating feeder, both are mounted to 200l barrels. They can be programmed to feed up to 6x per day and have feed times from 1-20 seconds. They are both powered from a 6-volt battery. They can feed a multitude of different feeds up to 8mm in size.


Directional feeder- £175
Rotating feeder- £150
All prices are plus VAT and delivery


Supplementary Feed
We can supply supplementary feed for your fishery and stock ponds anything from pellets to particles for more information and prices please contact us.


Feed scoops £7 each plus VAT and delivery


Fish Cages
We use fish cages throughout the colder months on our out site and consultancy work and we need reliable equipment that will last, we are now making them available to you. They have green golf ball mesh and come supplied with a lid


1 metre squared £200
1.2 metre squared £225
All prices are plus VAT and delivery


Hazel Faggots and Stakes
We use hazel faggots for bank reinstatement work, it’s a brilliant natural way to strengthen and reinstate your banks and will last up to 25years providing it's fully submerged in the water.


Faggots- £12
Stakes- £2.50
All prices are plus VAT and delivery


We use plants alongside our faggot work to make a totally natural way to enforce and reinstate banks, we supply may types of aquatic plants please contact us for more details and to customise your order.


9cm - £1.80
1 litre - £2.70
All prices are plus VAT and delivery



Puddling clay for lake lining
We use puddling clay for all our lake digs to line the bottom it’s extremely versatile and easy to use, we can supply it at a very competitive price


1 tonne £35 per tonne
20 tonne £28 per tonne
All prices are plus VAT and delivery



We use waders on a day to day base at CMCS and we only use the best most durable kit possible.
£50 + VAT