fish breeding programme & supply

The quality of the Fish in this country for sport fishing has always been revered by other nations and the diversity of the differing strains regarding scale pattern, shape and growth have always been something Chris has been passionate about staunchly preserving. If you are a fishery with a fast-growing stock of fish or holding just an individual big fish, Have you considered the future? The eventual demise of the biggest fish in your venue through old age is inevitable one day and increasingly is often now brought about sooner by the significant rise in predatory challenges which the modern fishery manager is now faced with.


Many fisheries over the last decade have relied on their income year on year from the biggest fish in their venue, only to lose this fish and have no remedial plan to compensate for the loss, which in turn then spirals the venue into losing their valuable membership and income as the specimen anglers seek other venues. This scenario has been a big problem for many fisheries and presents a very real potential problem for many more and CMCS look to solve it with the foresight and planning of the fisheries across the UK. Chris is hugely passionate about this and would greatly like to discuss the fundamentals with anyone who feels they would benefit.


We are always looking for new bloodlines to improve Carp fisheries and safeguard their future stocks, as well as offering advice on how to set up and manage a tailored and renewable stocking policy (including off-site storage of fish) which will then guarantee that they always have a suitable amount of healthy, specimen sized fish and so whether it be through old age or predation, they are not faced with an exodus of customers whenever their largest Carp are lost.


Following that theme, we have a very exciting project under way at present with the aim to offer a customisable breeding program to individual fisheries, which would guarantee them to be able to renew their stocks with fish that are linked to their existing stock’s bloodlines. This will mean that the new fish are ready-made, perfect replacements for when existing fish are lost and ideal to be stocked into that specific water; as they will not only share the genes of the previous generation but also their potential to thrive in that exact same environment. Additionally, the fishery will benefit from keeping the variety and appearance of their Carp largely unchanged, which is something that many of their existing customers may value greatly.


We believe this will provide the ultimate solution to the above problem and are keen to talk to forward thinking fishery managers who are interested in participating and would invite clubs, syndicates, private waters and any lake and landowners, who want to preserve the heritage of their fish stocks, to get in contact and arrange a no obligation, no pressure meeting to discuss the protection of what are your biggest assets, as CMCS look to put something back into the industry which has supported it over the years.


Our further aim is to combine the scale patterns, growth and body shape of the very best strains available to produce big beautiful English Carp, all spawned and raised in the UK, and to a larger size than is currently available through most fish farms.


A small amount of insight and investment now can really help to secure your long term financial stability in the fishery sector and also help your business to flourish for years to come so please contact us for more information on any of the above.


The only cost for a first meeting we would ask you to cover is for travel and a small administration fee.


Travel/admin costs from Reading Berkshire


Programme mileage money - POA


Coarse Fish Supply


We deal with the very best fish farms across the UK and have a good working relationship which helps us supply the best quality fish to our customers. The care and time taken to select the fish is of paramount importance and we strive to always supply and produce the quality fish on time and with the up most care. If you would like to discuss the needs of your fishery with our team please don’t hesitate to get in contact as the more lead time available, the better we are able to accommodate your needs. The demand for our fish is very high and we take provisional orders well in advance of the anticipated winter of delivery you require and we work with many clients on 3 to 5-year rolling stocking plans, on which we are happy to offer advice and suggested stocking rates for waters across the country.


The delivery period for any of these fish is usually from November and finishes in March whilst the conditions are favourable for fish movements, this is to minimise the stress on the fish during the harvest and transporting process.