Something Chris has always made sure CMCS has been on the leading edge of developments in terms of the methods employed and latest options available to combat the serious implications of a predatory attack on your fishery. As a well-respected member of the Predator Action Group and being a commercial fish farmer, fishery manager and consulting on various fisheries with serious predator problems in the past, Chris understands fully the many challenges that the fishery manager is experiencing and regrettably it is a quickly worsening picture in 2016 and onwards.


CMCS has undertaken fencing of many fisheries and advised on combative measures which can be taken against predation for a number of years but until recently has never promoted this part of the business, but because of the necessity for our fisheries to be protected and the alarming and widespread rate at which the UK otter population is now growing, we have increased the team. Chris also holds an area license in cormorant control for a number of fisheries and has recently enquired and at this time is soon to undertake the Natural England approved course in Otter trapping and release; becoming one of only 10 people currently holding this accreditation in the Country. This side of the business is currently experiencing a high level of enquiries and we would envisage that unless a fishery is fenced, sadly they will now almost certainly be requiring this service at some stage in the future or face the very real risk of Otter predation.


We have the materials, knowledge of installation and a dedicated experienced team, with specialised kit at their disposal, who are also qualified in any necessary ground clearance and preparation with all the latest methods employed and who have completed work for years to the highest standard, quickly and efficiently to protect stocks. Only quality materials are utilised for installation to provide a solution to this growing problem and all meet specified industry recommendations that will be guaranteed to protect your fishery. We have always looked to support and protect our industry and with our techniques often prevailing where others have written projects off as too expensive or challenging – whilst managing to keep the overall cost down to an absolute minimum – we have always completed these and all projects to our customer’s total satisfaction.


Please don’t hesitate to contact by email, phone or contact page with your details and fishery details to discuss any concerns you feel you are facing, we can also supply the fencing materials for you to carry out construction and we are of course happy to advise/discuss and book a no obligation quote for us to carry out your fencing works.