This is a very important part of the management of your fishery and something we have been tirelessly working at over the last 10 years to come up with solutions. We believe that many fisheries with the stocking rates demanded to be an attractive fishery in today’s market very rarely meet or produce enough sustainable food to in turn sustain a good healthy stock growth. We at CMCS see this on a very regular basis.


The introduction of a supplementary food can be of great benefit, not only providing the fish a complete diet with a good source of nutrients that will provide them with the building blocks to keep healthy and growing throughout their lives, but the main principle for feeding is to grow the assets of your business. Growing bigger fish in turn attracts more anglers chasing the big weights of the fish and it is paramount to keep them in a good condition, both by monitoring water quality and keeping them nutritionally sustained, but we appreciate to many this can seem a very laborious job.


CMCS has developed a feed program that combats all the limiting factors and has supplied many fisheries across the UK in the last few years after consultation with detailed feed plans and methods that have promoted these fundamentals and transformed the health and well being of other stocks.


We have worked closely after years of research and development, with a feed producer exclusively to produce a feed that will address exactly the ratios of proteins, vitamins and minerals the fish require to help push the boundaries of the weights that can be achieved in your fishery and would recommend to any fishery owner or manager to consider a no obligation meeting to discuss it’s implementation or if you wish to buy some and trial to see for yourselves the growth rates that can be achieved this is also possible. We have been supplying fisheries across the UK and have seen 7-10lb growth rates regularly with an exceptional fish doing a record 12lb in a Home Counties gravel pit after a sustained introduction by the fishery following our consultation. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact for further details.