Consultancy – across many different subjects can save you money in the long term.
Water quality assessment – this is of primary importance to any site and should be monitored

Fish nutrition – another part of the equation that needs careful consideration.

Breeding/fish programmes – look to the future to make your fishery a sustainable and growing business.

Biodiversity survey/assessment – do you know what else your fishery supports?
Netting/fish stock survey/advice – this is critical to get the right balance in your fishery.
Aquatic weed & algae control/treatment – can be very important to protect your fish.
Bankside/vegetation surveys/management – something often not considered but will improve fishing if managed correctly.

Water treatment applications – if the water isn’t right the fish will be under stress parameters meaning poor fishing.


Predation survey/assessment/trapping – a stressing factor that can be managed successfully with planning.

Site management plans/reports and assessments – have you considered updating the plans and making a few changes to further your income on the site?
Whole lake + swim construction – get the expert advice to cover the biggest expense you can undertake.

De-silting – dealing with the silt layer can certainly improve the fishing and other parameters on site.


Construction, ground works, and land engineering



Predator fencing is a new but very important part of our business and will provide peace of mind to the customer.

Lake construction – something we greatly like to do, to really start the fishery on the best footing from day one.


Bank re-instatement- repairing the banks to help from wind erosion or overfishing is a great benefit.

De-silting – after years of neglect, many fisheries need this remedial action to bring them back to a viable state.

Aeration installation – many don’t consider the benefits of aeration in a fishery but with the experience of fish growing a 3rd quicker and also eating more meaning they get caught more you can see the benefits amongst many others.


All prices Quoted will be excluding vat and expenses.

Longer term agreements are available.

CMCS is fully insured to carry out all of the above services.


The management of fish stocks by annual cropping is paramount to help sustain and maintain

a healthy and profitable fishery.  CMCS has experienced staff and specialised equipment to

provide the following services:


Crayfish removal

The cropping of fish stocks to maintain healthy breeding populations and

improve water quality.

The removal of coarse fish or game/predatory fish from single species lakes.

The reduction of predatory fish i.e. Pike, Perch and Zander in a game fishery.

Harvesting fish production ponds.

Surplus fish can be purchased or sold on for fishery/site owner.