River Mimram

A lovely little river that skirts Pans Lake, it’s thriving wild stock offer the quiet and concerted angler an enjoyable challenge.

The river is so named because most of the water in the river comes from springs flowing from the underground chalk aquifer – a natural underground water store. This creates the clear and well oxygenated water that you can see flowing today. Chalk Rivers are a globally rare habitat as there are only 200 worldwide and England has 85% of them!

Under CMCS, in partnership with Wildlife Trust, this picturesque chalk river has transformed with the water now literally crawling with invertebrates, which in turn has attracted a diverse number of fish including Grayling, Trout and Roach.

You may see some of these invertebrates emerging from their larval stages under the water and taking flight above the water to look for a mate in the spring. The aptly named Mayfly (a fly emerging from the water in the May!) tends to be present flying above the water in huge numbers during this time. In adult form, they only live for 24 hours as without a mouth they cannot eat – only mate and die!

Both when beneath the surface and above, these fly larvae and other invertebrates form the basis of a food chain for larger creatures such as kingfishers, trout, and grayling to feed on. The fish especially will be coming to the surface at this time to peck off any fallen flies on the water’s surface.

As with all river fishing location and stealth is everything. A real challenge awaits the angler but anyone with patience and cunning will succeed to catch some truly wild fish which are a sight to behold - often having never seen a hook.

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